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I am a current owner of a Montoya Home and I would like to share with others the pleasures as well as the comfort of my new home.  I was in the process of purchasing a Dominion Home or even a Creative Home, but once I visited with the builder of the Montoya Homes, I was sold and extremely satisfied with one of his homes that was being built.

As a Montoya Home owner, I would strongly recommend to all my friends, if buying a new home that I would only start with Montoya Homes. Mr. Baltazar Montoya, owner of Montoya Homes has been everything I needed and more. Being that I was a first time homeowner, he assisted me with details financially as well as accommodating me with everything I asked for and more.

The house in which I currently live in has been such a blessing and whenever I encounter any problems with just minor things, Mr. Montoya is always available upon request.

Alvin Joseph
A Proud Montoya Home Owner


We were looking for our first home to fulfill our needs and our expectations. After looking through numerous homes on the market, we walked into Montoya Custom Home and felt like we could stop looking. The layout, the finishing touches and the colors were just perfect. We knew right then that we wanted to speak with Baltazar Montoya about our new home. After meeting with him twice, we decided he would build it.

He was very flexible and open to our suggestions for customizing our home. We picked everything, from the color of the kitchen cabinets and the type of counter tops to the texture of the brick, type of tile and its design. He went out of his way to accommodate our "green" requests of low flow showers and low flush toilets. He took us through the experience of building a home and was there to update us on the progress and answer any questions we came up with after visiting the construction site almost daily.

We have loved our home ever since we moved in and we couldn't be happier with our choice of the builder. Baltazar Montoya has been there for us long after the house was finished and we are sure we couldn't have found a better builder than Montoya Custom Homes. We gladly recommend Baltazar Montoya to all of our friends and anybody who asks about our home.

Chris & Agnes Snazyk


We had several choices with how we wanted to conduct our new home search. After deciding that building the house was the best choice for us, we contacted Montoya Custom Homes. Baltazar Montoya was very professional. He answered our questions with our first consult and was able to put us at ease with his knowledge and history of building homes.

Building a house can be difficult when you have never experienced this process. We were able to pick out everything within the house, even the little details, to the outside of the house to the location of the lot. Although this process can be very tedious, Baltazar was able to fulfill our wishes and needs to make this house our home. We were very excited to watch the house being built and any questions or issues were addressed promptly. He continues to provide answers to any questions we may have.

We are so happy with our choices within the house and our first choice of choosing Montoya Custom Homes. I would recommend Mr. Montoya to our friends and to anyone that is in search of their new home. He makes the physical house become your home. We are extremely satisfied with Montoya Custom Homes and with Baltazar Montoya.

Bryant and Amy Rhodes